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World of Goo soundtrack cool, free

Physics-based PC/WiiWare puzzler World of Goo has impressed me on multiple levels since it came out last fall, and since I downloaded it I’ve been dying to get a hand on the soundtrack. Well, now I can, and you can too.

Snag it at 2D Boy’s website for free. Mmmmm, gooey!


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New Bug Lung Baby EP, nice and free

jonvisgerAin’t no holiday without a free side-project release from a small indie band’s frontman, amirite? Jon Visger of Mason Proper has been a busy bee as of late, recording and touring with his main squeeze by day and moonlighting by his lonesome at night as Bug Lung Baby.

He’s just released a new digital EP as said side project called Trilobite Trash, which you  should absofriggin’ check out. Stream and download the EP from BLB’s RCRD LBL page. Yay disemvoweling!


Bug Lung Baby – Trilobite Trash EP (RCRD LBL)

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Black Lips Want 200 Million Music Videos For Their New Track


Crank up that Flip Video, because The Black Lips are too lazy to record their own music video and want you to do it for them instead. 200 million thousand times, preferably.

Well, not you personally doing that many, that’s ludicrous, but at least one. Make a video for first single “Starting Over” off their new album, 200 Million Thousand, upload it to Vimeo between Jan 12th – Feb 15th, and you can win, well, something unspecified. Apparently. If you don’t want to make a video, well, hey, new Black Lips track.

200 Million Thousand is out February 24th on Vice Records. Grab the new single below and get filming!

The Black Lips – Starting Over

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Holiday Tunes: Not Just Como

comochristmasAlthough, yes, he is a dapper crooner indeed, Perry Como and his ilk aren’t the only gig in town when it comes to getting your cheer on. No, that just won’t do.

Because Dr. Demento’s Greatest Christmas Hits just isn’t enough, here’s my soundtrack to ripping up wrapping paper and napping on the couch.

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8-Bit Jesus Wholly Unleashed On Your Chreestmasses

Huzzah! Not too long ago, Doc Octoroc let loose the first half of his epic 8-bit Christmas album, and if you’re cool then you downloaded and listened to “We Three Konami” on repeat for about an hour, smiling.

Now the remaining 9 tracks are good done and out, bringing holiday cheer to all who can hear a few days early. It’s free for download if you’re cheap, otherwise known as pay-what-you-want. Keep in mind that a $15 donation will snag you a physical CD down the line, so you might want to actually, you know, pay for it, unlike a lot of other stuff out there.

There’s even a song about Kraid. Yeah, that’s pretty damn awesome.

Tracklist and link post-jump.

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Live with Mason Proper on WUNH Durham 91.3 FM

Mason Proper
Photo: Cristina Mezuk 

Mason Proper, you know, those Ann Arbor indie rockers, recently swung by Durham, NH to play a fundraiser put on by college station WUNH 91.3 FM. To fill some dead air, they performed three tracks off their new release, Olly Oxen Free (out on Dovecote and a purchase well-worth making for fans of the Okkervil River shade of rock). Snag ’em after the jump!

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Pay Attention!: Florence and the Machine


I’ve recently come across the 7″ single of Kiss With A Fist and I must say it’s pretty stellar. The B-side is a cover of Cold War Kids’ Hospital Beds. It too is pretty solid, although I would have preferred another original Flo tune of the same caliber as the single. 

She’s got another single, Dog Days, due out November 25th. In the meantime, check out Fist and revel in its coolness.

Florence and the Machine – Kiss with a Fist

Be sure to check out her MySpace for more.

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