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Real good 2D versions of real good 3D games

me2dIf your gift-giving winter holiday of choice didn’t net you the blockbuster game you’ve been putting off buying for a while, the one you’ve been dropping heavy hints to loved ones about for weeks just so you wouldn’t have to pony up the $60 for it, well, that sucks for you.

Fortunately, there are some strong fans out there with very excellent programming skills making very lovely 2D versions of their favorite games.

They’re all impressive in their own right and do a great job of capturing the spirit of their original games. If you’ve played their big brothers, give them a go and see how they stack up. Even if you haven’t, they’re worth a spin. Hey, beats talking to the unpleasant relatives, right?

Mirror’s Edge 2D Beta (Borne Games)

Left 4K Dead (Mojang)

Portal: The Flash Version (Newgrounds)

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