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The Mae Shi – “We Do This All The Time”

A good solid 30 seconds are bleeped out for FCC purposes, which is pretty standard fare for a Maury episode. Once the Shi kick in, though, it takes on a wonderfully demented remix turn that is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen done with trashy television.


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They covered that?: Mae Shi vs. Miley Cyrus

Welcome to “They Covered That?”, where we shine an uncomfortably bright light on unlikely/amusing/bizarre cover songs, and this ditty is equal parts all three. Yeah, it’s kinda weird hearing a Shi-song not about the Old Testament in some way, but they still pull off their usual hooky shenanigans. It helps that the song was mad catchy to begin with, although I’m not sure if I really need another version of “See You Again” kicking around the old noggin.

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