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HEALTH live is a pretty amazing thing

Hot damn.

Health didn’t blip on my radar until Disco was released, mostly because noise rock sometimes fails to make my ears perk. It’s partly incoherent, partly too demanding for when I want to simply rock out.

Good thing there are bands like the LA-based Health doing the rounds to show people like me that noise isn’t just noise. While the crowd, there for headliner Nine Inch Nails, seemed puzzled and even confused at times, I doubt that the band had much of a chance to begin with in winning over angsty 40-year-olds reliving 1989’s Halo 2. For the post-Teeth crowd, though, Health is the kind of erratic screamers that could potentially amass a good following. They’re just weird, edgy and sneaky enough to do it.

Oh, and that giant screen? Should be a staple at every arena.

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