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Can’t stop the Super boobies

So the reason the Super Bowl halftime shows have been filled with creaky old classic rockers for the past couple years is of course to minimize any chance of risky, nudie business. Then again, there’s no accounting for all the other people that have a hand in the most-watched sporting event of the year.

Score one for the little guy, because apparently someone over in Tucson, Arizona, succeeded in pornolizing the big game by cutting in 10 seconds of unknown adult material after Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald scored a touchdown.

Now, is it an act of air piracy or just an unfortunate video cueing mistake? At least it didn’t interrupt Bruce.


Porn airs during Super Bowl (CNN)

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Great moments in advertising sell-out history


British news outlet The Independent has compiled a list of some of the best/worst moments of rockers cashing in on advertisements. See Bob Dylan shill lingerie, the Stones Rice Krispies, Devo scooters, Ringo Pizza Hut, and of course, Johnny Rotten pitching butter.

Yup. Butter.

One Click Wonder: Rock’n’advertising –  The Independent

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Dallas Mavericks Running Out Of Half Time Ideas

Wow. Really? So by enlisting a 13 year old dressed up in cheesy Metalbro attire, the Dallas Mavericks have officially declared that they just don’t give a shit anymore. Love the enthusiastic parental “Wooo!” at 2:16 in.

Look out for Springsteen tilting for Star Power during Superbowl XLIII. Is GH/RB the new lip syncing?

Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero Gamer Plays During Dallas Maverick’s Half Time (Kotaku).

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Snoop/Martha Stewart mash-up

Har. Har. Har. 

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Noise offenders sentenced to Manilow

manilowpointA jude in Colorado’s Fort Lupton Municipal Court either has a good sense of justice or a maliciously vindictive spirit. Get dragged into Judge Paul Sacco’s courtroom for a noise ordinance and you’ll wish you only had a fine to pay.

From Reuters via Yahoo! News:

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Stock up today!

Oh dear.

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