Cringe-worthy holiday fun, moving pictures edition!

flametreeHoo boy, if there’s something you can count on for every holiday season (besides year-end lists), it’s shit-crap holiday specials. They’re either poorly written, poorly acted, or try to shoe-horn in presents going up in flames for some reason. Or maybe the furriest thing in sight takes center stage to up the cute factor. Either way, sometimes you just can’t help but nothankyou.jpg this stuff.

That’s not to say it isn’t ever worth watching. Why, some of this stuff is practically required viewing in some circles. Like JohnnyStupid.

Here’s a couple doozies for ya:

If you’re on the Internet (which, I presume, you are) and have a passing interest in Star Wars, or were old enough to have television memories from November 17th, 1978, you’ve heard rumblings of a holiday special. It’s got wookies, Ford as Solo and Fisher as Leia, and oh yeah, it is absolutely atrocious. So bad it aired exactly once. So bad, George Lucas apparently tried to buy back all the copies so nobody would air it ever again.

Bless the Internet then, for the full special is available to see any time of the year. I’ve dug up a copy of the complete broadcast, complete with commercials for holiday specials of All In The Family and Alice. Awesome.

Next up is the Bush family in their last White House Christmas video. Here’s hoping the Obama’s can deliver a line.


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