Best Best of 2008 Lists of 2008


As 2008 draws to a close, blogs, magazines, and your own asshole wheel out a list of the best things you don’t necessarily care about that happened this year. Fortunately for us all, some of them happen to be pretty compelling and not just some Brah’s Top 7 DMB songs to jerk off to. Educational, even!

And the winners are:

2008: The Year In Band Names (The A.V. Club) 

Best Inventions of 2008 (TIME)

Indie Rock In Memoriam 2008 (stereogum)

2008’s Best Indie and Overlooked Games (Offworld)


And, while not technically 2008-related, it still gets points for timeliness:

14 devastatingly bad Christmas songs (MusicRadar)


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