8-Bit Jesus Wholly Unleashed On Your Chreestmasses

Huzzah! Not too long ago, Doc Octoroc let loose the first half of his epic 8-bit Christmas album, and if you’re cool then you downloaded and listened to “We Three Konami” on repeat for about an hour, smiling.

Now the remaining 9 tracks are good done and out, bringing holiday cheer to all who can hear a few days early. It’s free for download if you’re cheap, otherwise known as pay-what-you-want. Keep in mind that a $15 donation will snag you a physical CD down the line, so you might want to actually, you know, pay for it, unlike a lot of other stuff out there.

There’s even a song about Kraid. Yeah, that’s pretty damn awesome.

Tracklist and link post-jump.

8-Bit Jesus: Full Album Release | Doctor Octoroc

1. We Three Konami
2. 8 Days of Master Robots
3. Ryu, The Red Nosed Ninja
4. We Wish You A Merry Faxanadu
5. Silent Knight Man
6. Carol Of The Belmonts
7. Contraland
8. Little Drummer Nemo
9. Joy To Commando
10. Super Jingle Bros.
11. Bubbles We Have Heard On Bobble
12. What Guardian Is Legend?
13. Deck The Kremlin
14. Icarus! The Angels Sing
15. The Legend Of Noel
16. O Come, All Ye Vampires
17. Kraid, Rest Ye Merry Mother Brain
18. Have Yourself A Final Little Fantasy


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